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Empowering AI with an AI-driven Intelligent Computing Platform

Our mission is to unlock unprecedented value of GPUs and AI accelerators through an AI-driven Computing Platform to transform the power of AI for your business.

GPUs and AI accelerators are arguably the most critical resources for AI today. While GPU availability is a problem, the real issue is the inefficient and under-utilized usage of GPUs and AI accelerators, rather than just the shortage. The underlying issue is that there is a huge gap in the understanding of infrastructure by data scientists and ML engineers to use accelerators efficiently. Many engineering cycles are spent tooling and configuring infrastructure for AI models.

Rapt AI is an “AI-driven, access-anywhere, purpose-built computing platform” that creates a fungible infrastructure for your AI model runs. Our platform uses ML to optimize and orchestrate resources for AI training and inference with on-demand auto allocation of GPU and AI accelerator shares from any cloud and on-premise with absolutely no user intervention.

Our Team

Charlie Leeming


A seasoned Silicon Valley leader with over 25 years of experience, Charlie has a proven track record of building, launching, and scaling disruptive data, machine learning, and AI companies. He's driven repeat successes, from securing Brocade's first clients and building a multi-billion dollar OEM business to tripling revenue at an Nvidia partnered accelerated storage company and launching a FinTech memory-based ML solution to the markets. Charlie thrives on bringing breakthrough technologies to global markets, unlocking massive value for global customers, that have resulted in over $20B in solutions sold.

Anil Ravindranath

Founder, CTO

An industry veteran with over 23 years of experience in building products from the ground up and architecting enterprise systems. Most recently, he was the Technical Director at Data Domain, which was acquired by EMC. Anil found his passion in solving challenges related to systems' adaptability to changing workloads, which is the genesis of rapt AI’s fungible infrastructure for AI workloads. He has authored over 15 patents in areas of system software, schedulers, storage, and virtualization.


Steve Fingerhut

SVP Kioxia
SVP Marvell
CMO Micron

Jon Balloch

Georgia Tech
Ph'd, DL,MLOps

Doug Balog

SVP Systems

Jay Kidd

CTO NetApp
CMO NetApp
VP/CTO Brocade

Mike Dvorkin

Distinguished Engineer,
Cisco, Insiemi,

Mark Ryan

CIO/CTO – Healthcare,
Vodafone, ebay

David Mattos

CRO IC Consult
CRO & Founder

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