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About US

”Model aware Learning System, a DL defined virtualization and acceleration technology for AI which dynamically transforms the infrastructure to fit AI model needs. Delivering acceleration, management, maximum utilization with unprecented scale and economics across on-prem, cloud and edge deployments ”

ML Business workflows and maximize GPU utilization

rapt’s model aware learning system and virtualization, dynamically assigns virtual GPU resource shares automatically based on your workload and policies for your experiments, training and production jobs. Brings efficiencies to GPUaaS. Organizations can control and maximize GPU utilization based on business workflows and needs.

Run trainings and experiments at maximum speed’s model aware learning system optimizes and scales jobs elastically to a virtual GPU pool with a “converged data mgmt. and low latency data layer” to process the data faster to GPUs.

Faster model development and production cycles’s model metadata technology provides a model definition which helps in faster model iterations, development cycles and take models to production quicker. Pre-packaged development environment with notebooks, frameworks, REST API based in a container to start training in 2mins.

Control ML development. & production Costs’s model aware learning system and virtualization transparently assigns required expensive system resource precisely based on your workload needs with zero user intervention.

Multi AI chip model training

Run experiments and training jobs across multiple AI chips of GPUs, FPGAs, CPUs transparently.

Hybrid/Multi Cloud training

Run training across any clouds transparently with no data migrations. Rapt’s hybrid cloud training run your training jobs efficiently across on-premise to clouds with zero user intervention. at a glance

Efficiency & Performance

Neural network analysis

Maximize GPU util.,

Multi tenant GPUs

GPU concurrancy

DL defined distributed shard FS

Elastic, distributed training

Development & Operations

Model metadata

Model reproducibility and compatibility

Pre-packed containerized,REST API based

Support Distributed Frameworks

Integrated with K8s

Simple 3-click,start training in 2mins

Goverance & Compliance

Secure Multi-tenancy

Project based Resticted Access

Data/Model/Feature mapping

Discover and track dependencies

AI Asset governance


Integrated with