Cloud Infrastructure for LLM and Generative AI Applications

Multi-cloud, access anywhere compute platform for LLMs

Foundation models: Generative Al requires foundation models and infrastructure. Foundation models are pretrained models (such as LLaMA, BLOOM, BERT, Stable Diffusion, Dolly 2, GPT-3, etc.) that can generate text, images, code, simulations, etc. You can fine-tune/train them for your specific use cases. You can choose between commercial or open-source foundation models, depending on your preference for customization and privacy.
Open Source foundation models(LLaMA, BERT, BLOOM, Falcon, Mistral, etc. ) look more attractive for enterprises building generative Al applications with community driven innovation, cost management and privacy. Enterprises have to manage infrastructure to fine tune and run the LLM models.

Challenges for LLM Al infrastructure

Compute Availability

Large models with billions of parameters and with large training datasets need GPUs and compute power to train and fine tune the model for enterprise customization. 

OOM, Delay & Disruptions

Insufficient GPU resources lead to OOM errors and disruptions in the model fine tuning and inferences

LLM model inferences

High cost inferences with underutilized and over provisioned static GPU share allocations.

Model vs. Infrastructure

LLM models have different model sizes, model arch, parameters.

Control Costs

Model training, fine tuning and inferences needs large amounts of compute. The compute environment is pretty expensive with Nvidia GPUs (Al00s/HlO0s).

Data Privacy

Multi/Hybrid cloud leads to data privacy & security issues. The trained model and datasets have to be private to enterprise. solution

Multi-cloud, access anywhere compute platform for LLMs “Democratize compute for Al”

An “Access Anywhere” multi/hybrid cloud compute platform to run your Al models faster, cheaper and safer. Run your LLMs and any Al models by gaining optimized access to your organization’s compute on any cloud, offering maximum cost savings and highest GPU availability with managed execution. Launch Al models and your compute clusters on any cloud/on-prem.

The distributed access any cloud for your Al

Auto resource allocations based on model for LLMs
Technology benefits for LLM Infrastructure LLM model cost savings

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