Machine Learning projects are often limited by AI compute, limited hardware coverage, time spent by Data scientists to optimize stack to maximize AI compute and deliver the model faster.

Machine Learning infrastructure is complex and inept. We make it easy, fast and efficient across ANY AI, ANY AI chip, across ANY platform.

How we do it

Meet the raptIQ™

raptIQ™ is a Software-as-a-Service (Hosted and Shippable) AI compute automation platform designed to deliver maximum performance with maximum utilization, flexibility to use any AI chip across any platforms. At the heart of raptIQ™, is “adaptive model aware learning system” which abstracts compute and optimizes compute resources based on AI model needs dynamically.

It can “pack” multiple AI jobs in a single GPU/AI compute automatically across rapt’s virtual pool automatically with zero user intervention. raptIQ™ adaptive scheduler can intelligently pack, auto preempt and schedule based on priorities and business workflows.

In addition, it can be used by data scientists, ops and organizations as a resource recommendation engine for future compute resource planning for projects.

Maximize GPU/AI compute utilization

Auto pack multiple models into a single GPU across rapt’s virtual pool out of plethora of AI computes. No need to preset static shares.

Dynamic, Auto sharing resource sharing, Concurrency,multi tenancy.

Auto scale compute shares based on model needs dynamically. No failures, disruptions.

Multi AI chip abstractions. Use any AI chip transparently. Auto selects, optimizes any AI chip.

Right size AI compute for your models. Try and buy your future AI HW with raptIQ™ recommendation engine.

Multi, Hybrid AI compute platform. Scale AI training based on cloud scale and economics with data privacy. Flexibility to choose any cloud transparently.

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