Unleash Your AI Infrastructure
Accelerate AI outcomes with Rapt AI Computing Platform


More Workloads Run in the Same Infrastructure


Savings in AI
Infrastructure costs


Increase in Data Scientist Productivity


More Workloads Run in the Same Infrastructure


Savings in AI
Infrastructure costs


Increase in Data Scientist Productivity

rapt AI Intelligent Computing Platform

Rapt AI is an AI-driven computing platform that optimizes and orchestrates AI compute resources to run your AI models in real-time. Launch and operationalize your compute clusters across any cloud and on-prem environments, using any type of compute resources. Empower AI models with on-demand compute resource shares with no human intervention.

AI-driven Compute Recommendation Engine(CRE™)

ML-based Compute Recommendations

Solve OOM errors, eliminate setup cycles (run samples, benchmarks, trial-and-errors,...).  Auto on-demand compute shares without user intervention or wait time.

Resource Optimization

Resource Optimization

SLA based automated model optimizations (Cost, Performance, no-preemption). Lowest granularity infrastructure optimization.

Any Cloud Scheduler

Distributed, Multi-layer Scheduler

Access anywhere. Launch compute clusters in any cloud. Auto share GPUs, and compute migrations. Enable model and data security.

About rapt AI Platform

Rapt AI is an access anywhere, any compute platform that pools your organizations compute resources across any cloud and on-prem. It offers real-time, ML-based resource predictions and recommendations tailored to your AI model workloads. It applies granular resource optimizations (e.g., GPU memory, SMs, cores) based on SLAs to balance cost and performance. With an integrated Kubernetes multi-layered adaptive scheduler, it automatically shares GPUs, sets policies, handles preemptions with compute migrations, and distributes AI models across any cloud and on-prem environments.

rapt AI Benefits

Accelerate AI

Data Scientists run more optimized jobs with on-demand compute. No manual tuning.

3x faster models.

4X increase in productivity.


Optimize AI

OPS/IT enjoy secure automated and controlled AI infrastructure across clouds and on-prem.

70% cost savings.



Improve Business Outcomes

CIO/CXOs increase ROI, DS productivity, visibility, predictability and model results.

3x increase in ROI.

10x utilization.

Multi Cluster Support

Manage all clusters from once place. Burst AI workloads to multi-cloud.No More idle resources

Maximize GPu Cluster

More Jobs. Efficient GPU utilization with presets or Guesswork

SLA based set policies

Set workload and user priorities for cost and performance.


Integrate into workflow pipelines. Integrated into any MLOps tool(Kubeflow, MLFlow, Sagemaker, Openshift, etc.)



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