Cloud-native AI Compute Optimization and Orchestration Platform

Run Faster, Spend Smarter, Fully Optimized

A SaaS to speed deep learning models and optimize cost and operations for AI/ML workflows in cloud, edge and on-premise for Data Science and MLOps teams.

Reduce Costs

Reduce cloud bills and data center expenses. 

High Perf and Gain productivity

Maximize GPU util. Faster TTM of AI models. 


No resource guesswork, No share presets, No code change reqd. 

Edge-to-cloud accelerator virt

On-demand compute to edge devices in a “edge-micro cloud-cloud” tiered compute. Run multiple edge workloads sharing accelerators from cloud. 

Accelerator independence & Portability

Multi chip functionality. Use any AI chip (GPUs,CPUs FPGAs, TPUs, ASICs). Any Cloud 

Maximize GPU utilization

More model trainings and experiments. 

Cloud bursting - Your data your infrastructure choice

When using hybrid clouds for scale and economics, rapt manages “data privacy” with no data at rest in cloud. 

No code changes

To use rapt, write your model, specify your framework, datasets and hit enter.

As a service

Set app SLOs, priorities.  

Effective shared GPU allocations

Maximize your ROI. rapt automatically “shares” multiple trainings concurrently in shared virtual pool, No guess work, presets required.

API driven

Integrate with any tool.


Amazon Web Service

Google Cloud


Amazon Sagemaker







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